iXcl is transported to friction points in a carrier such as oil, grease, freon, hydraulic fluid, etc.

The initial treatment starts when normal pressure, friction and heat (a minimum of 130 degrees F) between moving metal surfaces activate the ion.

iXcl penetrates 3 to 5 microns deep into the microscopic pores of ferrous based metals.

The treated surface is now denser and smoother, thereby reducing friction by up to 75%. this surface conditioning is extremely durable withstanding engine dry start and lubrication starvation problems.

The result is minimum metal wear, giving maximum engine gear equipment life.

Reducing friction will release energy previously expended to overcome ordinary mechanical resistance. This energy is now available as a positive force, working to increase power and performance.

iXcl contains an anti-foaming agent that helps stabilize oil, hydraulic fluid, etc.

iXcl helps to maintain and recondition seals and gaskets keeping them pliable, firm and flexible which helps prevent leaks.

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